What is the total cost of the project?

The total Co-Funded Project (not including LFIs) will cost $31,765,057

The Local Share of Co-Funded Project (not including LFIs) is $20,300,000. This represents the State of Ohio OFCC (Ohio Facilities Construction Commission) covering 41% of our allowable project costs

Locally funded costs are items not directly related to the educational building. This year, local costs include the artifical turf, all-weather track, auditorium upgrades and disability accessibilty improvements for the High School. The locally funded total is $2,530,000.

Total Local Share Including LFIs (the amount covered by the 4.95 mill property tax) is $22,830,000.

What is “co-funded”?

The OFCC (Ohio Facilities Construction Commission) will fund a portion of the project cost. Currently that value is projected at 41%  of the new PreK-8, approximately $13 million. The community is responsible for the remaining 59% and the total cost of the LFI projects.

What is “LFI”?

Locally Funded Initiatives (LFI’s) are projects not funded by the OFCC, but that are important to the District and the community. 

What are the LFI projects in this plan?

In general terms: the artificial turf football field, all weather track, auditorium upgrades to the co-funded stage provided in the new building, and ADA accessibility improvements to the existing High School.

It should be noted that with creative design, some co-funded space may be incorporated into the LFI design, particularly in the case of the co-funded stage.

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